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Senior Product Manager



Mexico City, Mexico
Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2023


Established in 2016, is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality technological solutions tailored to both corporations and SMEs. Recognizing the imperative of digitalization in today's business landscape, we specialize in streamlining financial processes and optimizing cash flow to bring prosperity and security to those who place their trust in us.

At Yaydoo, we pride ourselves on developing personalized software that seamlessly integrates with the unique needs of each client and their respective industry. Our robust platform is designed to accommodate businesses of any scale, ensuring adaptability and effectiveness across the board.

Role at a Glance

A Product Manager aims to be responsible for the strategy, planning, execution, and launch of a product, as well as the design and implementation of the roadmap to evolve and iterate it from its release throughout its lifecycle. Their mission is to coordinate all teams involved in the product from its conceptualization to its launch. At Yaydoo, they act as the product owner and its metrics, setting and coordinating the strategy that makes the product increasingly profitable and with an excellent end-user experience.


  • Understanding the Company's Strategic Vision and Goals:
  1. Grasp the strategic vision of the organization and its aims.
  2. Outline a strategic direction comprehensible at various levels.
  • Creating the Product Roadmap:
  1. Establish a roadmap to understand how to progress.
  2. Identify the financial and logistical impact of achieving this vision.
  3. Formulate the strategy for the product/service.
  4. Familiarize oneself with the product and pinpoint its benefits and competitive advantages.
  5. Set clear, realistic, and challenging objectives and goals.
  6. Construct a plan incorporating people, resources, and costs.
  7. Communicate the strategy across different levels, ensuring commitment from all.
  • Market and Customer Analysis:
  1. Identify the best market analysis options suitable for your sector and/or product.
  2. Understand the metrics and values for proper analysis to identify key areas of interest.
  3. Recognize competitors and their market position to set tangible goals.
  4. Grasp segmentation processes and how to implement them to optimize analyses.
  • Collaboration with Other Departments:
  1. Determine a communication plan to keep all teams updated as they progress on specific projects.
  2. Recognize the value and contribution of each department or team, understanding what is needed from them and what input should be provided for them to perform their roles.
  3. Identify the need to involve new teams, stakeholders, customers, or suppliers to optimize work.
  • Review and Analysis of Product Strategy Progress
  1. Set a plan for reviewing advances and progress.
  2. Interpret customer comments and feedback.
  3. Examine the product's market reaction, and the impact of promotions, and advertising.
  4. Make immediate decisions on the next steps to take.


  • Technical Knowledge:
  1. Understanding of the product's technical aspects.
  2. Familiarity with digital tools and technologies.
  3. Knowledge of sector-specific codes (both B2B & B2C).
  4. Insight into the market and user characteristics.
  5. Comprehension of the product's lifecycle.
  • Solid Financial Acumen:
  1. Strong understanding of finance.
  2. Ability to create profitability models.
  • Understanding of Project Management Roles:
  1. Insight into the roles of an Associate Product Manager (a step before becoming a Product Manager).
  2. Cross-functional understanding of the roles of each member of the squad and both internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Mastery in planning, uncertainty management, estimations, predictions, and contingency planning for product releases and business strategies that support a product lever.
  • Commercial Knowledge:
  1. Grasp of sales dynamics.
  2. Understanding of Market Share, positioning, pricing, and commercial strategies.
  • Organizational Skills and Planning:
  1. Ability to handle uncertainty.
  • Strategic Thinking:
  1. Ability to see the bigger picture, anticipate future trends and devise plans accordingly.


  • Roles previously held:
  1. Project Manager
  2. Product Owner
  • Previous experience working in companies within the Fintech or financial ecosystem.
  • At least 2 to 3 years of prior experience in relevant roles.
  • English: Advanced level.

Some Perks

  • Base salary + benefits.
  • Opportunity for advancement and growth in a rapidly expanding team.
  • Mentorship, learning, and education programs.
  • Smart, high-achieving, motivated team that likes to have fun.
  • Mission-driven culture, where your work matters.
  • Major Medical Health Insurance.
  • Your equipment and tools.

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