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Data Analysis- Commercial Area Intern



Data Science
Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2023

The primary role of the Intern is to analyze all available data and create actionable outputs for the sales force teams. Always thinking in the long-term growth. 


In order to recommend actions based on data the intern must have understanding of business routines and key moments to be able to trigger the requirements. That is why we need a commercially skilled and empathetic person to be able to create a win win colaboration between commercials and strategic data.


  • Analysis of data without work coming from internal and external sources
  • Find the key moment and how to communicate actionable data to the sales team
  • Measure and interact to grow orders and improve commercial rutines


  • Bachelor's:Systems Engineering, Programming, Computing, Mathematics, Economics and related careers with programming knowledge. (SQL, Python, R, related)
  • Soft Skills: Empathy, trategic communication, long term vision. Think out the box. Skills to present strategies and follow up on results
  • Hard Skills: Data analysis - find and connect data sources - programming 
  • Spoken Languages: Spanish and English