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Senior Machine Learning Autonomous Agent Researcher



Software Engineering
Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2023


We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated Senior Machine Learning Autonomous Agent Researcher to lead the R & D research stream in developing state-of-the-art autonomous agent solutions. The ideal candidate will have a strong academic background in data science and machine learning, as well as extensive experience in leading R&D teams in a startup environment. This role requires a visionary mindset and the ability to deliver impactful ML solutions in a short timeframe. Candidate must have a strong background in Python, Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, GCP), Data Engineering and Machine Learning.

We are a cutting-edge technology startup focused on developing innovative solutions in the field of autonomous agents and machine learning. Our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals interact with technology, and we are looking for a visionary Senior Machine Learning Autonomous Agent Researcher to join our team and help us achieve our goals.

You will work on a B2B product that is used by enterprise scale clients from such organizations like Glovo, HelloFresh, Herbalife, etc, and experiencing growth every consecutive month.

Highly desirable that the ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in the areas of, LLM, prompt engineering, LangChain, Vector DB, SQL and NoSQL databases.


  • PhD or Master's degree in Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Extensive experience in leading R&D teams in a startup environment
  • Visionary mindset in the sphere of Autonomous Agent Research
  • Strong academic background in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Proven track record of delivering impactful ML solutions in a short timeframe
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Technical Skills:

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning frameworks and libraries, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit-learn
  • Experience with research and development tools such as GitHub, Jira, Confluence
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure platforms, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure
  • Knowledge of data analytics and visualization tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, or Familiarity with database management systems, including SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with containerization and orchestration technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with natural language processing (NLP) techniques and tools, such as NLTK, spaCy, Transformer-based architectures like GPT and BERT.

As a plus

  • Experience with LangChain, OpenSource LLM Models, Prompt Engineering.
  • Experience with Pinecone, ElasticSearch, DeepLake, or other Vector DB.
  • Experience with search and recommendation engines.
  • Experience in autonomous agents development.
  • Experience in chat bot development.
  • Strong knowledge of NLP fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of reinforcement learning algorithms and techniques, such as Q-learning, Deep Q-Networks, and Proximal Policy Optimization
  • As a plus submit your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio, github projects, research papers showcasing your relevant work in AI/ML and autonomous agent development.


  • Lead the R & D research stream in the development of cutting-edge autonomous agent solutions
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define project goals, timelines, and deliverables
  • Develop and implement innovative machine learning algorithms and models to improve the performance of our autonomous agents
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of machine learning and autonomous agents, and incorporate new techniques and technologies into our projects
  • Present research findings and project updates to stakeholders and team members
  • Mentor and guide junior team members in their professional development
  • Contribute to the overall strategic direction of the company by providing insights and recommendations based on your expertise in the field

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